Background of AITAA

The AIT Alumni Association (AITAA) was formed in 1969 to develop mutual understanding among the alumni, and between them and the Institute.

Thailand Chapter was formed as the first official AITAA Chapter. In October 1970, two National Chapters - Republic of China and Pakistan were formed. In November 1970, Philippine Chapter was also formed. And the chapters continue to grow in number. To date, the AIT Alumni Association has 27 National Chapters worldwide. These Chapters are in Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, Central Asia, China, Europe, Hong Kong/Macau, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, United States of America and Vietnam. In some countries, there are also subchapters which operate at a regional level.

The AITAA Mother Chapter was established and located in Thailand to support the relationship and develop camaraderie between institute, alumni and the society. Furthermore, as of May 2016 there are more than 21,000 alumni in 101 countries/territories.

The corporate power and management of the association is exercised, administered and controlled by the Governing Board. The Governing Board consists of the Executive Committee of Mother Chapter and Executive Committees or representatives of National Chapters.

The Governing Board meets annually to discuss the achievements of the alumni body and to decide further on significant strategies to strengthen and improve AITAA activities and to promote the Institute as a training ground for future leaders all over the world.


The AITAA activities aim to strengthen relationships between the alumni worldwide, National Chapters, the Institute and the students.

Apart from the annual GBM, AITAA Mother Chapter also continuously interacts with National Chapters. The Mother Chapter welcomes National Chapter representative(s) who visit Thailand. The National Chapters are also involved in networking activities which aim towards strengthening the partnership among its members.

To strengthen the camaraderie among alumni, the AITAA Mother Chapter organizes sports activities such as bowling and golf tournaments on a regular basis. To recognize the alumni at the National and International level, the Distinguished Alumni Award is being given every year and presented during the GBM.

The AITAA Honorary Membership Award is also given to individuals who have made exemplary contribution to AIT, AITAA and its alumni.

To intensify the partnership with the Institute and its network, the AITAA Mother Chapter has been arranging gatherings and social functions, and also conducts some fundraising campaigns to support the Institute, and its own activities.

The AITAA Mother Chapter provides tremendous support to students by giving financial assistance through its Master Research Grant and Doctoral Conference Participation Grant. It also organizes induction ceremonies to formally welcome the graduating students in to the Association. An award called AIT Alumni Association Graduation Prize is also given to 3 most outstanding students from every school.

During 38th GBM in Beijing, China, the Governing Board approved the new AITAA mission and vision. Further in 45th GBM in Siem Riep, Cambodia, the refining AITAA mission and vision, and, proposed objectives were presented to the AITAA Governing Board. They were further fine-tuned during AITAA Headquaters Meeting 4/2016 as follows:

AITAA Vision

AITAA is a global entity whose members are proud to be associated with AIT to share their values and experiences through AITAA’s global network.

AITAA Mission

AITAA’s mission is to enhance relationships among AIT alumni for contributing to continuous growth and development of AIT, the alumni, and the society.

AITAA Objectives

  • To enhance relationships among alumni and continual interaction of the alumni with AIT;
  • To promote and support AIT to accomplish its mission;
  • To enhance the reputation and integrity of AIT through diligent application of knowledge acquired through the alumni’s experiences at AIT to benefit society.