AITAA Induction Ceremony during the Grad Night of the 122nd Graduation of AIT

AIT Alumni Association Executive Committee Members joined the Grad Night organized by AIT Student Union on Friday, 12 December 2014. AIT Student Union President - August 2014 Semester, Mr. Abhishek Bahadur Shah welcomed all attendees to the Grad Night. The graduation night was graced by Professor Kazuo Yamamoto, AIT Vice President for Resource Development (VPRD), with a speech to encourage all graduating students. Then, AITAA Public Relations Officer Dr. Ranjna Jindal gave a brief presentation about AITAA’s history on its founding, past activities, and contributions it made to strengthen AIT alumni society.
AITAA President, Mr. Thanin Bumrungsap, congratulated all the graduates of AIT’s 122nd batch, and presented the strong relationships among AIT alumni and how they, who are very successful in their careers, have worked closely together to help AIT during the crisis. Mr. Thanin also emphasized the AIT’s expectation from its graduates to play the role as its ambassadors not only to fulfil their own dreams and achieve their personal goals but to serve the global society. Mr. Thanin mentioned that AITAA along with its 26 National/Regional Chapters spread across the globe is always willing to assist the alumni all over the world through providing guidance and support to those who need assistance. In order to maintain close ties among the National/Regional Chapters, AITAA organizes annual Governing Board Meetings in different countries where Alumni Chapters are located. Finally, on behalf of AITAA, he wished the new graduates a more blissful life and career. To inspire the future members of AITAA family, Mr. Taweechai delivered an inspirational message and shared his “3-Is”which are interest, initiative, and industry, but the highlight of his message is “Once a student of AIT, forever AIT alumni.” Subsequently, the Candle Lighting Ceremony was conducted and led by Dr. Ranjna for the induction of new AIT graduates into AIT Alumni Association.