Survey of Your Opinion about AIT Alumni Expats Get-together

Dear Expatriate Alumni of AIT Residing in Thailand,

In the recent past, AIT Alumni Association (AITAA) used to organize annual get-together of expatriate alumni residing in Thailand which was a purely social event including the alumni’s family members. The event has been discontinued for a few years.

Now we would like to revive it, as we think it should be useful in linking the expat alumni closer to each other and in making us know if there are some things we may do to help you. Thus this time it will not be just a social event like before, but we intend to include a discussion forum about expatriate alumni affairs in whatever way you may want to talk to us or ask us. We may start at, say, 4 p.m. registration, with discussion to start at 5 p.m. for about two hours, followed by dinner with entertainment and chats about the good old days. We also intend to invite the former presidents of AITAA Mother Chapter and AITAA Thai Chapter to participate (including the present president and key excom members).

In order to have a sufficient lead time, we may hold the event about late October or early November, in Bangkok or at a resort near Bangkok owned by AIT alumni. If it is in Bangkok, family members will not be invited. If it is at a resort, family members can join the excursion and the social events. AITAA will substantially subsidize the costs and ask you to make some voluntary contribution.

But, before making a final decision to go ahead, we would like to have some feeling on how many of you will be interested in such an event. So please respond to this email whether you would join the event or not. Please also pass this message to your alumni friends as we may not have an updated data of all the AIT alumni residing in Thailand. If you know of the contact details of your friends, please also let us know.

Please send your response to any of these email addresses: , , or . You may also contact/reach our office by phone at: 02-524-5058.

We look forward to your reply to this survey, saying yes or no, and whether your preference is Bangkok or outside. Our decision whether to organize the get-together or not will depend on the number of your positive responses.

Yours sincerely,
AIT Alumni Association