Election RESULT for AITAA President Position for 2018-2019

From: Md. Zakir Hossain
Sent: Saturday, November 11, 2017 12:43 PM
Subject: [All] Election RESULT for AITAA President Position for 2018-2019

Dear National Chapter Presidents and Fellow Alumni,

Greetings from AITAA Headquarters! 

As you may already be aware and informed by the latest email from AITAA Executive Committee with an attached Letter (attached herewith) from Dr. Somchet Thinaphong (our present AITAA President), following an instruction from his Executive Committee we are pleased to share the Election Result for AITAA President Position for 2018-2019.   

The newly elected candidate is Ms. Maria FE Nuestro Ferriols (CA, 1982).

Many Congratulations to Ms. Maria Fe and all the very best wishes for her future role as the next President of AITAA. For your kind information, Ms. Maria Fe's Election Manifesto can be found from the below link:

An Excerpt from the "Election Happening" - those of you attended the 46th GBM in Taipei during 03-05 November 2017, I am sure you may vouch the same as me saying that this was probably one of the biggest, charming, interesting and a very successful GBM. Likewise, the AITAA President Election in this 46th GBM; for most of us it was difficult to recall when we had a real Election like this having 3 candidates. Yes, we had 3 Candidates until the Welcome Dinner on 3rd November 2017 evening, where Mr. THANIN Bumrungrsap (GTE, 1972) had withdrawn his nomination leaving two other candidates for the Election on the next day. And we had to proceed for Two Consecutive Elections as the 1st one was a Tie between Ms. Maria Fe and Mr. SURENDRA Shrestha (CA, 1980). However, during the 2nd time Election Ms. Maria Fe received higher votes than Mr. Surendra Shrestha and the difference was small. 

Taking this an opportunity, the AITAA President Dr. Somchet Thinaphong along with his Executive Committee would like to convey their heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your gracious presence at the 46th GBM and the active participation in the entire Election Process.  
With our very best regards.

Zakir M. Hossain, Utai Srimhai & Donald M. Ugsang
On behalf of AITAA Presidency Nomination and Election Working Group